CannaInsider – Meetings with business Leaders of The Lawful Marijuana, Cannabis, CBD Market: Ep 341 

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April 2, 2022
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April 3, 2022

The Congo Club is among the only locations that bring the Red Congolese, a treasure stress of marijuana that supplies an impressive, provocative, and also positive high.

Right here to inform us even more regarding it is Brownish-yellow Senter, creator of The Congo Club and also Wind Distro.

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Trick Takeaways:

[1:11] An inside check out The Congo Club and also Wind Distro, a representative of premium marijuana items in The golden state

[2:31] Brownish-yellow’s history and also exactly how she got involved in the marijuana area

[5:18] One-of-a-kind attributes of the Red Congolese stress and also why it’s acquired a lot appeal

[11:04] Why The golden state’s controlled market is having a hard time to take on the uncontrolled market and also what it will certainly require to alter that

[15:04] Brownish-yellow’s newest endeavor EquityWorks! Incubator, among Oakland’s initial publicly-funded social equity production centers

[19:23] The lots of various marijuana licenses called for in The golden state and also the obstacles they posture to every person from growers to suppliers

[25:40] Exactly how Brownish-yellow sees the California marijuana landscape advancing over the following 3-5 years

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